Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre: Evolution, Prospects and Policies

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This book analyzes the role of Hong Kong as a prominent financial centre to date. Issues such as taxonomy of financial centres, reasons for Hong Kong's past success, competition from other centres, policy issues, and speculation upon Hong Kong's future are discussed.
Pub. Date
Apr 1, 1997
191 pages
152 x 229 mm
  • Introduction
  • Concepts, Determinants and Typologies of Financial Centres
  • What kind of a Financial Centre is Hong Kong?
  • Evolution and Present Status of Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre
  • Factors Responsible for Hong Kong's Success 
  • Benefits and Costs of an International Financial Centre
  • Hong Kong Prospect as an International Financial Centre
  • Competition from Other Financial Centres
  • Policy Directions and Recommendations
  • Epilogue: The Rise and Fall of Financial Centres