Thank you to all of our readers who came to visit our booth and showed their support at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2019. This year, our Press proudly presented 40 new publications from various subjects, including Hong Kong Studies, China Studies, Culture and History, Law, and Liberal Studies.

Detailed information about the publications can be found here:

Our book fair theme this year was “Academic Bookstore” and was designed to encourage readers to enjoy the many pleasures of reading. A series of theme-related souvenirs, including a Japanese wooden cutlery set, leather pencil case, and stylish travel cup, were also launched.


On the third day of the book fair (19 July), we were honored to have CityU Council Chairman Mr. Lester Garson HUANG, SBS, JP and CityU President Way KUO visit our booth.

From the left:Prof. ZHU Guobin, Mr. Lester Garson HUANG, President Way KUO

Our Press also organized a book fair seminar, titled “Hong Kong History: From the Origins of the May Fourth Movement to the Present”, to promote three of our new books: A Brief History of Hong Kong—From Ancient Times to the 1997 HandoverThe May Fourth Movement through the Lens of Hong Kong, and Subject to Interpretation: The Changing Spirit and Values of the May Fourth Movement.


At the seminar, we were honored to have Prof LAU Chi-pang (Associate Vice President and Professor, Department of History, Lingnan University of Hong Kong) and Dr. CHAN, Hok Yin (Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong) as speakers to discuss relevant historical issues. Dr. TAM, Ka-chai (Assistant Professor, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University) acted as our distinguished moderator of the seminar.

From the left:Dr. TAM Ka-chai, Prof. LAU Chi-pang, Dr. CHAN Hok Yin, Mr. Edmund CHAN

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Thank you once again to everyone who helped CityU Press shine at the 2019 Hong Kong book fair. See you all next year!