Publish with Us

CityU Press welcomes new ideas from you so that it will grow and serve you better. We value your creative ideas about publishing in conventional forms like offset printing and in digital new media.  Send your inquiries and ideas to Above all, we welcome excellent contents suitable for publication. 

Q:  What is the relation between the CityU Press and the City University of Hong Kong?
A: CityU Press is the publishing arm of City University and was founded in March 1996. The editorial policy and the publishing programmes are established by the University. There is an Editorial Sub-committee established under the University Press Committee of the University to approve manuscripts for publication by the Press.
Q: What kinds of works do you publish?
A: We publish Chinese and English works of non-fiction on many subjects through various media. We publish academic books, academic journals, reference works, textbooks, professional books and general interest books. We do not publish fiction.
Q: What format do you publish in?
A: Mostly we publish hard and paperback books. We also publish in the form of e-books and miscellaneous online platforms.
Q: Do you publish submissions from CityU staff members only?
A: We accept manuscripts from CityU staff as well as from scholars in Hong Kong and elsewhere.
Q: Are authors liable for the cost of production? Will I get book royalties?
A: In most cases, the production costs are borne by the Press. Royalties arising from sales of the book are payable to authors annually. The terms are in line with the general practice of university presses. A contract is drawn up after the formal approval for publication by the University.
Q: How long does it take for CityU Press to publish a book?
A: Depending on the complexity of the book, the production cycle will take about six to twelve months from the point of receipt of the complete manuscript to publication.
Q: Where and how do you sell the books?
A: We have a strong local distribution network. For the overseas market, we conduct business mainly by direct mail. We are now networking with international publishers and distributors to promote our books.