Annotated Leading Patent Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions

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The first of its kind, this book presents a comprehensive collection of leading patent cases from nine major Asian jurisdictions which are analyzed by eminent scholars and legal practitioners from Asia, Germany, and the United States. It contains thirty case reports covering six topics which best reflect the current trends in Asia in patent law, namely specialized IP court (or division), compulsory licensing, the intersection between patent law and competition law, injunction, damages, and choice of jurisdiction and law in cross-border patent litigation. Each case report explores a landmark case by deconstructing the legal background and the legal reasoning of the decisions, and then discussing the commercial and/or industrial ramifications.

The present volume is a useful guide for practitioners, lawyers, and judges alike, a primer for students and businessmen entering the IP world, and a reminder for policymakers, both within Asia and further afield.
Pub. Date
Jun 1, 2017
468 pages
178 x 254 mm
The present systematic study of leading patent cases in major Asian jurisdictions started two years ago when the Applied Research Centre for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia (“ARCIALA”) was established in May 2015. The quality of the contributed case reports and the trust and patience that I received from their authors are simply unparalleled. My unwavering goal was to get this book published by an Asian publishing institution for which I am grateful for the support of City University of Hong Kong Press, which follows a high level of publishing professionalism. The present book is the first of ARCIALA’s Asian IP Law Series. The second book on leading copyright cases in major Asian jurisdictions will soon follow. Special thanks are owed to the authors of the case reports, City University of Hong Kong Press and the deans of the School of Law, Singapore Management University, Professors Tiong Min Yeo and David Llewellyn. The book is humbly dedicated to peace and prosperity in Asia.
Chapter 1 Introduction Asian IP Landscape and Patent Features
Chapter 2 Specialized IP Court (or Division) and Its Efficacy
Chapter 3 Compulsory Licensing
Chapter 4 Intersection between Patent Law and Competition Law
Chapter 5 Injunction
Chapter 6 Damages
Chapter 7 Choice of Jurisdiction and Law in Cross-border Patent Litigation
Kung-Chung Liu is the founding director of the Applied Research Center for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia (ARCIALA), Singapore Management University. He studied law at National Taiwan University and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Professor Liu’s teaching and research interests are intellectual property law, antitrust and unfair competition law, and communications law.