Community Care in Hong Kong—Current Practices, Practice-research Studies and Future Directions

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Different global healthcare challenges bring threats to the healthcare system. Like other developed countries, Hong Kong is also focusing on how to manage the ageing population, how to meet the rising public expectations, and how to finance the ever increasing medical costs. Strengthening community care services may provide a way out for settling these concerns.

Written by a team of renowned scholars and leading practitioners, this book aims at evaluating how different parties can assist in building up local community capacity to achieve sustainable health and wellness. The book is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the different roles and practices of specialised community care that contribute to the relative success of the healthcare system in Hong Kong. The second section makes use of various research practices to extrapolate future healthcare needs and practices in Hong Kong. And the last one addresses the values of health care which underlie the healthcare culture, structure and practice in Hong Kong over time. Apart from pointing out the limitation of the current system, this book also discusses the future directions of the healthcare system in order to cope with the challenges in a changing society.


Pub. Date
Oct 1, 2014
384 pages
170 x 220 mm
The authors are to be commended for compiling this book about their concepts and suggestions of community care in Hong Kong. Whilst the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, through its outpatient clinics and hospitals, tries its best to provide high quality medical care for our patients, the Authority also puts a great emphasis on rehabilitating and convalescent care. However, all the above-mentioned efforts will not be adequate without the community itself being involved in the process, including self management by the patients.

In this well-researched and comprehensive book, which purpose is “to share experiences and ideas, and provide examples of community care in Hong Kong for healthcare professionals and community service providers”, there are abundant and useful data for any readers interested in this field. The content is divided into three sections, including a section on present and future roles of community care, a section on practice-research and future implications for health care, and a section on future directions in community care. It ranks as one of the top publications, with local relevance, on the subject. It provides very interesting reading for all healthcare providers. I am sure its publication will arouse a great deal of response and debate from healthcare providers, patients, patient support groups, social workers, legislators, and relevant government officials.

Professor John C. Y. LEONG, SBS, OBE, JP
Chairman, Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Section A – Present and Future Roles of Community Care
  • Introduction: Challenges in Health and Community Care in Hong Kong
    Kar-wai TONG and Kenneth Nai-kuen FONG
  • Case Management in Community-Based Long-Term Care: Good Practices and Challenges in Hong Kong
    Vivian Wei-qun LOU
  • Family Medicine and Community-Based Care
    Albert LEE
  • Self-Management in Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes for Persons with Chronic Diseases
    Peter King-kong POON, Angelina SO, and Eve Lai-ching LOONG
  • Work Disability Management
    Andy Shu-kei CHENG
  • Present and Future Roles – Nursing
    Sylvia Yuk-kuen FUNG
  • Hong Kong Health Care Facility Management – Creating Safe and Healthy Facilities with an Integrated Approach to Strategic Management and Maintenance for the Benefit of the Community
    Eric Kui-sing CHAN and David SCOTT
    Section B – Practice Research and Future Implications for Health Care
  • Reproductive Health and Infertility Services
    Elaine Yin-ling TSUI
  • Good Death through Control over Place of Death? A Snapshot in Hong Kong
    Kar-wai TONG
  • The Effectiveness of a Community Reintegration Programme for Clients with Chronic Stroke
    Linda Lai-man WONG and Kenneth Nai-kuen FONG
  • Family Dynamics and Adolescent Drug Rehabilitation in Hong Kong
    Timothy SIM
  • Preventing Falls for Older People Living in the Community
    Kenneth Nai-kuen FONG and Daniel Pak-kei LEUNG
    Section C – Future Directions in Community Care
  • Integrating Spirituality into Healthcare Service Delivery in Hong Kong: Development of Spiritual Resources and Consolidation of Values in Care
    Celia Hoi-yan CHAN, Venus Pui-yan WONG, and Cecilia Lai-wan CHAN
  • Dignity and Quality of Life in Community Palliative Care
    Andy Hau-yan HO, Cecilia Lai-wan CHAN, and Pamela Pui-yu LEUNG
Kar-wai TONG Part-time Lecturer, School of Continuing Education (SCE) of the Hong Kong Bapist UniversityPart-time Lecturer, Instructor, Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE) of the Open University of Hong KongKenneth Nai-kuen FONG Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University